English 2121: British Literature to 1700

This course, a survey of important works of British literature from the beginning through the eighteenth century, is required in Area F of the B.A. program in English, Literature Concentration; it is also an option in the Area F.2 of the B.A. program in English, Creative Writing Concentration. Prerequisite: ENGL 1102.

Course Topics: the general outline of British literary history from Cædmon through the end of the 18th century, including a basic understanding of accepted literary periods and representative works by a variety of authors; a basic introduction to the various genres prevalent in British literature during that time; a basic introduction to British history, in specific connection to its relationships to the literature; some attention to the procedures and language of literary criticism.

Expected Course Outcomes: As a result of this course, students will be able to: understand and articulate the basic chronology of British literature from Beowulf through the 18th century, including the authors and dates of key works; speak and write knowledgably about particular works drawn from those periods; demonstrate a basic understanding of major genres of British literature during the periods in question; demonstrate a basic knowledge of British history during the period, in particular as it relates to the literature. These specific outcomes meet, in part, most of the program outcomes for the B.A. in English, Literature and Creative Writing Concentrations.

Georgia College & State University, Maymester 2008 and Fall 2007

Maymester 2008

At Georgia College & State University, Maymester is a three-week term.  Classes meet five days per week, three hours per day.  Students can take no more than two courses, but they often choose to take only one – and with good reason.  Maymester courses count for the same credit hours as courses offered during the Fall or Spring semesters; they’re meant to cover the same material and objectives, and they’re certainly not a skate.  I taught the first half of the British Literature survey in May 2008 to a class of about 25 students.  This iteration of English 2121 is perhaps the most challenging course I’ve ever designed and taught.  It was also the most fun.

Syllabus and Course Schedule
Presentation Assignments (Shakespeare18th century)
Paper Assignment

Fall 2007

Syllabus and Course Schedule
Paper Assignments (Close Reading & Chaucer Translations, Close Reading & the OED)