English 102: Evil

This course is designed to help you develop your college-level reading and writing skills, and, more generally, to assist you in cultivating your critical thinking and analytical abilities. These skills and abilities are the foundation of your education, and they will serve you in any major or career path you might follow. In recognition of the needs of first-year students, the University of Alabama First Year Writing Program has devised several outcomes for this course. I have reproduced those outcomes below for your convenience and delight:

English 102, the second course in UA’s first-year sequence, introduces students to the principles of formal argumentation, advanced critical thinking, university-level research techniques, and research paper writing. Students will understand the elements of formal argumentation and the differences between Aristotelian, Rogerian, and post-modern argumentation. Students will apply the principles of formal argumentation in writing and understand that various disciplines apply these principles in different ways. Students will learn to locate source material both in the library and online, read and evaluate this material critically, analyze and summarize points of view and assumptions, and synthesize sources in order to write extended papers incorporating source material.Students will understand that citation formats vary from discipline to discipline and be able to use at least one of them correctly. Students will understand that academic research is ethical and be able to understand ethical paraphrasing and summarizing.

Students must have earned a C- or higher in EN 101 to take this class.

University of Alabama, Spring 2010

Syllabus and Course Schedule
For more information about the course theme, take a glance at the first assignment.